IT Strategy - Contents

Definition of Business Architecture, based on Business Strategy / Objectives
position in the market
target customer segments and target products
target products for customer segments an their implementation priority
estimation of transaction volumes

Definition of the Application Architecture
Definition of future application architecture, incl. external and internal interfaces
Development of Automation Priorities for target products

Definition of the Technical Architecture
Review of the current technical platform and identification of IS / IT opportunities
Definition of the future technical architecture, including HW, system SW and communication
Technical standards

Definition of System Integration Principles
Definition of the roles and responsibilities of involved parties and communication principles between them

Definition of the Procedures to support live systems Development of methodology and procedures for users and technical support of system in production, incl. :
organisational units maintenance of the system in production
version control & acceptance testing
production system support

Implementation Plan Development
Planning of tasks, resources (internal and external) and scheduling cost / benefit analysis

Definition of the best approach for IT Management, which includes
strategy and planning
project authorisation and financial control
project control and project planning
project management / problem and change management
QA and post implementation review

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