In many organisations we find the situation that business managers and IT people are speaking "different languages". As a result both areas remain separated - each part doing what they understand to be the best for the company. However if on the one hand the business community could formulate their needs clearly and manage IT effectively towards these objectives and if on the other hand IT would be able to effectively communicate its options, opportunities and restrictions to the business, the whole IT-support would be much more cost-effective and productive.


What is needed is an effective bridge between the "two worlds" - This would answer questions like
What are the prioritised business requirements?
Which IT systems / developments / projects do we really need? And with which priorities?
When will we regain the IT investments that we now plan?
Who is responsible for IT expenditure / investments?
And many more …

Our Approach

Our approach concentrates on implementing a proven concept for the integration of strategic banking goals and their support by information technology that includes:
Business Management of IT
Clearly defined and uniquely assigned responsibilities and accountabilities of strategic business units (SBUs) versus those of IT, best practices of IT project management and governance, service level agreements between SBUs and IT, etc. resulting in effective management and escalation structures for IT undertakings.

Business Case Analysis
How to allocate scarce resources of IT projects: Methodology, approach to SBUs sharing IT investments and trade off against requirements, ensuring benefits are measurable and finally reached, etc. Business cases are a pre-requisite to take such decisions and determine priorities.

IT Product Planning and Estimating
Prioritising requirements for IT investments, estimating resources, etc. and turning this information into executable plans.

Financial Control of IT Investment
Recording and allocating IT costs across different SBUs, accountabilities, budgeting, contracts, project control etc.

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