Implementation Project Examples

Below are some examples of G&C projects highlighting different ways of providing services to software implementation projects.

Example 1: Core Banking System: Implementation and Nationalisation
(Entire implementation project on behalf of the bank)

After a leading Slovak retail bank had selected the Swiss core banking package T/O/P*Banking as its chosen solution for its branches in the Czech Republic, G&C was tasked with running the entire implementation project on behalf of the bank, including
Requirements definition covering loans, deposits, payments, G/L, customer information, and supporting functions
Customisation design and development
Development of Czech national specifics
Development of required interfaces
Data migration from legacy system
Unit testing, system integration testing, UAT
Project management
Vendor management
Subsequent maintenance services and change development
For this project G&C assigned a project team consisting of a project manager, a team of business analysts, a technical architect as well as separate teams of developers and testers. QA was executed by G&Cís partners.

The project was completed in time and budget to the clientís satisfaction, qualifying G&C for providing maintenance services for many subsequent years.

At a later stage the team took on-board the maintenance services for all of T/O/P*Bankingís Swiss clients.

Example 2: Conflict Management System Development and Implementation
(Complementing the bankís team)

When a leading UK investment bank embarked on the in-house development of a conflict management system, it looked for G&C to provide an experienced Business Analyst to lead a team of own business analysts spread around the globe in its various business locations and to work with the business representatives.

Functionality to be implemented included checking investment banking deals for potential conflicts of interest, Chinese wallsí management, management of restricted trading lists, etc.

G&Cís main tasks have been
Leading the requirements definition and functional design
Key link between the business and the IT team
Functional testing, heading the UAT
Managing the data migration from the legacy system
Integration with the bankís reference data systems
Design of future enhancement options
Working closely with the bankís project manager G&C helped to overcome numerous obstacles and successfully put the system into live production.

Example 3: Fraud Detection System Implementation
(Entire implementation project on behalf of the vendor)

Acting as partner of Intellinx Ltd., G&C implemented Intellinxí fraud detection system at a leading retail bank in the Czech and Slovak Republics. The functionality to be implemented included (i) monitoring of transactions originating from a variety of source systems for suspicious cases according to a set of defined fraud scenarios, (ii) forensic drill-down and investigation module, and (iii) user-interface customisation.

Key tasks included
System installation
Customisation / parameterisation of scenarios and detection rules
Customisation of the UI
System integration testing and UAT management
G&C deployed a team consisting of a project manager, a business analyst, a technical architect, a developer and a tester who completed the project in time and budget and to the satisfaction of both the client and the vendor.

Example 4: Trade Surveillance System Implementation
(Complementing the vendorís team)

When a leading international bank wanted to extend its existing anti-money-laundering (AML) system MANTAS AML into trade surveillance functionality (MANTAS TCM) for its UK investment bank, Mantas turned to G&C to complement its own team with an experienced Business Analyst and a skilled Technical Architect / System Engineer.

Key tasks performed by the G&C team included:
Trade flow analysis and implications on the data content and data quality
Data sourcing
Specifications for the data extraction and data transformation logic
Scenario customisation
UI customisation
Data mining and alert analysis
System installation and maintenance of environments
The G&C team at a later stage was hired directly by the bank, to work on maintenance and further enhancements on the bankís side.

Example 5: Core Banking System Implementation Review
(Project review)

When a new IT management took over at a leading Czech retail bank, it wanted an external opinion on the on-going implementation project for a new core banking system in order to provide a sound basis for its further management decisions.

After evaluating several potential service providers the bank asked G&C to perform a project review and state its opinion on different options to continue the project.

G&Cís managing partner, together with a Technical Architect and a Business Analyst performed and delivered the review in a short period of time to the satisfaction of the client.

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