Implementation Project Services

Depending on the nature of the project we are able to support software implementations in a variety of ways:
Take control and responsibility for the entire software implementation process up to successful implementation and beyond, i.e. also covering software maintenance
Task and skill-specific support to implementation projects run by the financial institution
Task and skill-specific support to the vendor’s team during the implementation
Support to implementation of packaged software or in-house development projects
We may support waterfall-type or agile development projects

No matter which scope and type our involvement will take, we will follow the key principles that will ensure a successful implementation:
Clear, single responsibilities and matching authority of all participants
Ensuring clear and transparent agreements between Business and IT with regards to functional design, deliverables, phases, timelines and budget
Cost-benefit-driven scoping
Flexible, future-proof design
Thorough testing and sign-off

Depending on the client’s approach and project needs G&C can provide the entire spectrum of imple-mentation services throughout the project life cycle (SDLC) or just complement the bank’s or the vendor’s team with individual, specific skills.

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