The Modern Savings Bank Solution
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The Modern Savings Bank Solution

S/A/V/E BANKING is a special savings bank oriented configuration of the Swiss universal banking package named T/O/P BANKINGPLUS, which was developed in the early 1990's in co-operation with a Swiss bank. Profiting from the advantages of modern technology and development tools the system facilitates the efficient processing of all the transactions of a modern bank, in a cost effective and secure way. T/O/P BANKINGPLUS has already been implemented in Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic.

While the banks focus on serving their customers, S/A/V/E BANKING - independent of accounts volume whether it is 50,000 or half a million or more - processes the transactions in an efficient and secure way. This is achieved by an efficient teller module, integrated and automated processing and a powerful transaction engine.

The specific S/A/V/E BANKING e-banking solution is provided by MIDIX

Technical Platform

From the very start the solution was designed and developed under UNIX/Oracle using a flexible order processing methodology ("Transport - Order - Processing"). This still stands for the modernity and the orientation of the system towards the future.

System basis: SUN / Solaris, others upon request
DBMS: Oracle 9i, Oracle 9i AS
GUI: Browser-based thin-client philosophy
alternatively: C/S-solution

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"The banking solution S/A/V/E BANKING fulfils all the requirements of a modern savings bank."

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