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DriveU Suite

The proven solution for Document Management (DMS), Business Process Management (BPM) & Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

The DriveU Suite, a product of IFN, is a complete and user-friendly document management front-end with specific solutions for financial institutions (banks, insurances, leasing companies, etc.). These dedicated industry solutions are tailored to the specific industry's needs, reduce implementation time, and increase user acceptance. Being based on FileNeT P8, which is considered the industrial standard in the world of DMS, it enhances FileNet's robust capabilities by extending the DMS functionality in a comfortable and efficient way to the end user. It streamlines and integrates archiving, eContent management and workflow support (process management), improves customer service and reduces operational costs throughout the organisation. DriveU is the ideal solution for organisations ready to benefit from a new generation of automatic document management, imaging and workflow systems.

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The implementation of DriveU is based on three solid foundations:

G&C's extensive experience and understanding of IT management, business process design and implementation, especially for but not limited to financial institutions, spanning from strategic planning straight through to successful software implementation projects.

IFN’s software development and implementation know-how in the area of user applications for business process design and management and document management for various industries.

FileNET’s powerful P8 platform provides the reliable content and workflow engines as well as the connectivity to the client's existing technical environment. With this it provides a powerful, integrated basis for both Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

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Bottom Line Benefits
Increases productivity by up to 50%
Dramatically improves customer service response time and hence customer satisfaction
Provides a set of task specific applications that manage the entire life cycle of documents in the organisation
Provides an enterprise solution for both client/server and intranet / internet environment
Handles a large volume of incoming, paper-based mail, as well as internally generated, electronic and paper-based documents
Provides rapid risk free way of introducing imaging and document management technologies in existing corporate environment
Integrates easily with legacy systems
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“The complete document management solution customized for various leading industries”

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