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Implementation Approach

The DriveU system provides an out-of-the-box solution for rapid implementation across all company departments and significantly reduces implementation related risks. Today, successful organisations realise the importance of implementing a document management and workflow solution. DriveU is the proven way to lead your company into the future.

The technical implementation of the DriveU Suite is easy and straight forward. The client's requirements and specifications are quickly reflected in the system's extensive and flexible parameters.

Therefore, the main focus of any implementation project is not about the technical setup of the system but on the organisation of the client's future archive, the archiving processes, the work flow support, access rights & restrictions, and other organisational issues.

Naturally, the above mentioned implementation steps will change with every client. However, our proven implementation method ensures that the system is set up and implemented into the client's organisation in the most secure, controlled and effective way.

A) Feasibility study, including a Return on Investment (RoI) calculation (if requested).

B) Planning Phase: The client's requirements are detailed and a high level design of the implementation is developed. This typically includes issues like: the migration of any existing paper archive, capturing processes, usage of active content management options, desired workflow support, legacy system integration and others.

C) Implementation Phase: The following sequence of steps has proven to be most effective and to deliver early benefits to the client:
     1.  Set up of an electronic "passive archive", which operates similar to a paper archive - no change in any business procedures required
     2.  Set up of "active content management" - the DriveU capabilities to interact with electronic input channels and to actively distribute and forward documents
     3.  Workflow management - The active content management is extended to automatically support the business workflow of the client
     4.  Integration with legacy systems - Information from DriveU (e.g. client identification) may be used to automatically open a transaction in the legacy system. Vice versa, data stored in the legacy systems might be displayed automatically in DriveU in order to provide the user with the complete set of information.

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"DriveU components work together to provide a completely integrated document management solution."

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