In a dynamically changing economic environment banks are accustomed to seeing their business plan as a guideline and cornerstone of their success. IT-Support is key to achieving these plans as it ensures quality of services to the clients and that management gets the neccessary information. In reality, however, IT is often a major dump of investment funds and system changes, investments and delivery times are regarded as a nightmare.


In order not to just react to present demands but to actively support and promote the business development IT needs an IT Strategy () - a framework and guideline for IT development - just as business operations need the business strategy. Such framework - or architecture - must not only include the current IT needs but cater for future business needs and market developments. It takes both, business strategy and IT strategy to set up cost effective IT support for today and the future, where well integrated applications and non redundant data are deliver all the information needed to manage your business.

Our Approach to IT Strategy Development

Our complete business driven approach consists of four phases that address the current and future business needs (top/down), the current IT environment in order to secure investments done (bottom/up), new developments and ebanking in the IT and the banking markets (inside/out), and finally the development the target architectures and strategies (strategy formulation).

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