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Fraud detection

Intellinx can detect internal and external manipulation of content and systems and lead to detection of internal and external fraud.

Built-in rule cover e.g.:

Internal fraud

Credit limit change exceeding a specific threshold in terms of dollars or percents by customer type
Credit limit increase followed by a new loan within 48 hours
More than one credit limit increase in one month per account
New credit card that will not be sent to customer (but picked up from company)
Change in credit card bank account to employee's bank account
Postponing of credit card billing date
More than X accounts viewed by a user in one day
Card re-issue requested within 10 days of an address change
Details change in employee's account (customer details)
Change in customer's mailing status (mailing stopped or redirected)
More than 2 dormant accounts viewed in one day by the same user
More than X blocked accounts unblocked by the same user during one day

External fraud

ATM/ credit card fraud - Intellinx can track ATM/ credit card transactions passed in ISO 8583 and other protocols.
>Excessive number of transactions per ATM per hour
>Excessive number of cancelled transactions per ATM per hour
>Excessive number of transactions or high amounts per card in a short period of time
>Transactions in distant locations in a short period of time for the same account
>PIN Compromise - several attempts with wrong PIN at ATM followed by credit card transactions for the same card

Detection of identity theft and other types of fraud in online internet banking systems
>Intellinx can monitor the activity of customers using online banking services and track behaviour patterns. Deviation from the norm can be detected by Intellinx rules. Examples:
-Consecutive login failures
-Out of norm login hour per user and out of norm types of online transactions
-Changes in account details
-Out of norm money transfers
-Excessive sell/buy transactions of the same stock made by different customers on the same day

Tracking activity of system administrators and other privileged users
>Tracking the activity of privileged users is a tough challenge for most organizations. On one hand these users pose higher risk than regular users as they have higher authorization levels. On the other hand these users typically utilize programming and administrative tools which do not provide any audit trails in most cases.

Intellinx can monitor the activity of privileged users including system administrators, database administrators, programmers and others. The system can track normal behaviour patterns and generate alerts on exceptions in real-time. In addition, the system enables investigators to visually replay the activity of suspects screen by screen. Examples:
-Changing data in the production environment through a query tool
-Changing program code in the production environment (and undoing the change after executing it)
-Executing programs in the production environment

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