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Further Usage Options

There are almost unlimited further usage options of Intellinx within the company environment. Some examples include:

Help Desk
>Intellinx can assist help desk operators in handling calls about system and application problems by providing a replay of user activity which precedes a system error (normally the user that calls the help desk does not remember the exact actions which lead to the error).

Monitoring availability & response time of critical processes
>Logoff with attempts to login in many user sessions at same time
>Recurring logon attempts in many user sessions at same time
>Application errors (error screen or bad response code) at same time in many user sessions
>Bad response time of critical transactions in many user sessions at same time
>Many cases of "No response from Host" in many 3270/ 5250 user sessions at same time
>MQ or HTTP transactions from client which were not answered by the server

Adding Application Controls
Intellinx can be used for adding controls to existing applications without changing the applications. Examples:
>Segregation of duties
>Detecting processing errors

Analyzing end-user workflow
>Intellinx can be used for analyzing the way end-users use the internal banking applications in order to improve the bank business processes, application quality & usefulness and user training.

And more…

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